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Our commitment to quality control is to assure a top standard quality of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables for our customers. Quality and assurance control policy are applied to all levels of processing starting from pre-post harvest and logistic control from farm to table. Our farming groups have received certified GAP and our packing house are certified GMP and HACCP issued by DOA of Thailand. Our quality control specialist guarantees the best selection produce for our customers

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Fruits Guide

Crunchy, sweet, juicy, tender ? our Fruit runs the gamut. From classics to exotics, we buy directly from orchard, vine, and field to bring you the best of what's available from around the globe. Whether you crave crisp apples, succulent berries, tender melons, or sweet bananas, we guarantee you the freshest Fruit? we'll even ripen it for you.

Flowers Guide

Our flowers packers have never missed inspecting any single flower to ensure high quality flowers inside each box. Once the packing process is completed, our flowers are dispatched to your hand.

HIGH QUALITY & FRESHNESS  At the right maturity stage, our flowers are harvested and quickly maintained in our special post-harvest treatment solution to prolong their existence so it is no doubt that our flowers are with the number of blooms

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Vegetable Guide

Whether you crave fragrant herbs, bitter greens, waxy potatoes, or special varieties of heirloom and exotic veggies, all our produce is the freshest you can get. We buy the best vegetables and herbs directly from the fields where they're grown, then handpick your order to insure the highest quality is delivered to you.


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At Tropical Green, we pay careful attention to our production from the very beginning by implementing GLOBAL GAP standard in our production process to ensure the highest quality of our fruits. We select and manage the quality of the soil, water and fertilizer as well as the use of pesticides. We have a team of horticultural experts working alongside our growers offering gardening tips and advice in order to produce high quality and safe-to-consume fruits in accordance with food safety principles.


Owing to our valuable industry experience as a family business, Thai Orchids Exporter is engaged in growing, supplying, distributing, wholesaling and exporting fresh cut orchids and tropical flowers all over the globe. With over 150 different species of thai orchids as well as tropical flowers, Bamboo, Heleconia and foliage leaves; we have the widest range to suit all of your needs. Among our products, the most popular thai orchids include: Dendrobium, Mokara, Aranthera, Oncidium and Vanda. We consider our customer’s satisfaction our top priority and we endeavor to provide superior customer service at all times. This begins with your initial contact with us right up until you receive your order. With our swift processing time and careful packaging, you can be sure to receive the best quality Orchids quickly, assuring your complete satisfaction.


Soil Management Cover crops are planted to help control moisture in the soil as well as prevent and eliminate agricultural pests while protecting the soil surface. The use of organic fertilizer to enhance soil fertility. Soil samples are randomly collected for biological, physical and chemical analysis once a year. Water Management Water used in the production of our fruits shall meet the safety standards set by the Department of Agriculture. Water sample is randomly collected for biological, physical and chemical analysis once a year. Fertilizer Management We use only fertilizers licensed under the requirements of Thailand’s Export and Import of Goods Act. Frequency of fertilizers application is spaced out for safety purposes and the amount of fertilizers to be applied are based upon nutritional needs of each stages of growth to avoid too much residues in soil.


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